Qype: Lupita in London

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Finding myself in need of a bite and in the Villiers Street area I figured I might as well go check out Lupita: any opportunity to check out a potential new source of burritos has got to be a good thing, right?

In summary, “Okay”.

What these guys served up under the description “burrito” was not anything approaching my understanding of what a burrito is. A toasted wrap, perhaps. Seemingly a small example, but with London being a hotbed of burrito availibility right now, this is a crucial thing to get right. I asked for no tomato, and the waiter to his credit tried to make it all better by offering me a 15% discount after he forgot to tell the cooks not to add tomato. In hindsight there was so little tomato on the thing anyway it made little or no difference. And come to it, the wrap was reasonably tasty. But a burrito it were not.

The corn chips to start were very nice, and not Doritos out-of-the-bag like I thought they might be. And again, to their credit, to make amends for screwing up my order the waiter gave me a free raspberry sambuca shot. Which was weird. As was the music, which seemed to be less about trying to create any sense of enjoyable ambience for the customer, and more about listening to stuff that the kitchen staff wanted to listen to as they worked.

It seems wrong to mark Lupita down so much when the waiter was obviously so penitent about slightly mismanaging my order, however to distinguish yourself in the centre of London you’ve got to be Good. And this wasn’t Good. Not Bad, but definitely not Good.

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