The First Of November.  You all know what that means by now, I’m sure.

According to the Rules of Movember, any traces of facial hair (other than the eyebrows) were removed from my grinning visage on Hallowe’en, and today the moustache growing starts afresh.   And the question, as always, is… What Type Of Moustache Should I Aim For This Year?

Once again, I’m participating in the fundraiser known as Movember: the idea being that the participant grows a moustache over the course of the 30 days in order to raise awareness and funds for mens’ health issues.  I’m assuming that most of you probably know the story by now, as it’s something I’ve done on and off over the past few years.

It is a valuable cause though – this year funds go to The Prostate Cancer Charity.

If you’d like to make a small donation to encourage me along, then I welcome you to do so on my “Mo Space”: – of course, if you’d prefer to make an outlandish and massive donation, that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

My learned whisky-enthusiast colleague Billy is doing Movember for the first time, and in fact this is the first time in 10 years he says that he’s gone beardless, but more importantly he’s put a bit of effort into an explanatory blog post, and it’d be remiss of me and going against the fundamentals of why the web was created NOT to link to it.  So, here it is: Billy’s Movember Blog Post.

So, the present facial hair situation is:

Get those donations rolling in, and watch me for the changes…!

Oh, this nonsense again? How did you MO?!
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