And you thought I had a big nose before…

When Warhol made his famous “15 minutes of fame” quote I suspect he meant 15 continuous minutes, rather than the sporadic splattergun effect which I’ve been putting into play of late.  So, after appearing a photo in The Sun, a 2-page spread in the Virgin Trains magazine, in the background of an ITV News report about the morris dancing film, and of course the famous penis documentary, I thought to myself, “Hmm, how best to add to my massive catalogue of self promotional activities?  Ah yes – project my face onto the side of the National Theatre!”.  So that’s what happened.

It looks photoshopped, but it isn’t.

Massive thanks to HC and Neonwombat for actually getting to the South Bank and taking happy snaps of this momentous achievement.  I was busy off larking about in Wales at the time.

Hopefully the people of London will now recognise me as their ruler, and the material tributes will begin flooding in.

(Alright, alright… there’s a bit less to it than that – the projection lasted about 10 seconds, and was part of Aviva Europe’s “You Are The Big Picture” campaign.  And I’m not even entirely sure what it’s all about.  Still… when you get opportunity to project your face on the side of the National Theatre, sometimes you just say “Hells yeah!”)