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Anyone looking for the English Country Pub experience would do extremely well to strap on their satnav, head towards Stroud, take the correct turnoff of Bisley – or, as we did, navigate a series of steep and extremely narrow lanes – and head to the little pocket of joy nestling on the edge of the Cotswolds known as The Bear Inn.

Reasons why I liked this place:
1) It had a cheery pub feel to it – the sort of room which you walk into and immediately feel happy about being in. They had the fireplace going, prompting me to upgrade my summary to that most pleasant of rosy-cheeked clichés, “cosy”.
2) The Sunday roast is superb: at least the pork and the lamb were moist, flavoursome, and accompanied by some lovely roasties. Seemed foolish to order a beef as well given there were only 2 of us.
3) They do a magnificent pint of St Austell’s Tribute.

It’s probably a very historically interesting building, and certainly not a recently thrown up replica or anything like that. We didn’t look for any of that stuff however, because it seemed too nice a place to do anything than have an excellent Sunday afternoon in.

Oh, and they’ve got a lovely front door. Big, heavy wooden job with iron rivets. Probably massively over-specified, but just the way doors should be I reckon. In fact, I think I’m going to go back one day just to have another look at that door.

Ah, might as well have a roast and a pint while I’m there…

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