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When the Burrito Event Horizon has been reached and every shop is selling these tasty parcels of Mexican-style lunchtime goodness, I predict that there will still be queues outside Benito’s Hat. And for quite good reason.

Their ingredients are consistently high-quality and tasty, and the staff seem to have a knack for getting just the right proportions. I’ll often think about asking for a little more sour cream, but then trust their judgement, and realise that they know what they’re doing. Even under the high pressure of lunch-rush, they consistently come up with the goods.

Personal favourite’s the chicken burrito, black beans, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and hot salsa. BAM! A taste explosion. There’s a couple of decent beers on offer too, as well as various Mexican style drinks.

I can’t comment on the authenticity of the thing – having never visited Mexico – however Benito’s Hat are consistently authentically tasty, and never so soggy that the bottom drops out of the thing before you’ve finished. The handful of tortilla chips is a nice touch, but probably unnecessary.

The only way I’d make this place different would be to turn it back into a secret, so I don’t have to queue up for their amazing bundles of awesomeness.

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