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In this world, you can’t go far wrong with food that starts with a flat circle of stuff. Pizza is awesome. Pancakes are awesome. A kebab can get you through in a tight situation. Pasties are quite popular, and that’s just a Cornish pizza that’s been folded in half. And I ain’t met nobody who would ever say no to a decent Burrito.

Though Tortilla was a little hard to find initially (if you approach it from one direction all you can see are the signs for the Health Club rather than the source of Mexican goodness), and it looks like the kind of mainstream chainy type place that lovers of fine lunchtime cuisine tend to avoid – once you’ve tried their burritos I almost guarantee you’ll be back.

In fact, the ordering process on the 3 times I’ve been there in the last 6 days does have me wondering what element of the presentation I’ve missed. Despite signs around showing you what the workflow & options are, I still feel like the staff are making it up on the spot. But even then, IT’S SO GOOOOOOOOD!

The food’s fresh, tasty, affordable, healthy-ish, and did I mention tasty? I’m yet to master the art of eating a heftily-sized burrito without sending my Mexican spicy rice distributing itself all over the table and up the arm of my shirt. The chicken and the pork have been incredibly flavoursome – with that woody/smoky flavour that you don’t get anywhere near with “bing cuisine”.

The restaurant – well you wouldn’t really call it a cafe? – is quite spacious, and has all the atmosphere of an airport departure lounge, although to their credit they haven’t spattered it with spray-on Tex Mex kitsch, preferring just to get on with the business of making tasty lunchtime nosh.

These things might not even be very authentic, but damn they’re good. I’m going back tomorrow.

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