After reading about all of the wonderful coffee places springing up in the City in the last few months, jealousy began to take hold of the workers in the St James’s Park/Victoria area. Around here it’s all been the main chains, and lunchtime sandwich bars. Quality’s therefore ranged from acceptably-above-mediocre to DIRE.

Fabio, hard at work in the freezing street

With the arrival of Fabio & Charlie and The Flat Cap Coffee Company however all this has changed, and proper coffee can be found in the streets of Westminster!

Fabio is an expert barista with incredible knowledge and attention to detail, and insists on using high-quality ingredients (incl. Square Mile Coffee) to produce a cup which is something I genuinely look forward to in the morning (as opposed to the routine “heart starter” that a coffee once was).

The prices are on par with other places around the area – somewhere in the vicinity of £1.80 to £2.20 depending on what you’re having.

They also sell a very tasty range of pastries & whatnot brought in from Villandry, although you’ve usually got to get in pretty quick in the morning!

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Qype: Flat Cap Coffee Company in Westminster
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