There’s not much more to this than blatant self-promotion – the other week our morris dancing team (that would be The Westminster Morris Men, in case this wasn’t yet abundantly clear) was filmed as part of an ITV News piece to promote the upcoming premiere of the new film, “Morris: A Life With Bells On“.  And the only reason I’m mentioning it is because you can see my beardy mug peeping towards camera in a couple of places.

Now, just waiting for the scripts to start rolling in.

(Incidentally, the team will be performing at a screening of the film at the Everyman Cinema in Belsize Park on October 31st – more info on the team website…  I won’t be there, but if you’re in the slightest bit interested in seeing what all the buzz is on this movie, this would be a perfect opportunity!  Provided you live in easy reach of London, I mean.  Go on, get amongst it & get involved!)

Nice, also, to finally appear on the TV screens of my adopted home in a presentation that isn’t about genitalia.

A further 15 seconds – should have about 14 minutes and 7 seconds left, according to popular belief
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