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Life once again has meaning.  In suit form. 8

Life once again has meaning. In suit form.

Another absolutely excellent weekend judders past and highlights how much fun it’s possible to have if you really put your mind to it. Friday night I went to The Bloomsbury Theatre to see a...

Keeping busy 1

Keeping busy

Hmm, been doing a bit much waving around of opinions & reminiscing, and not enough recounting of what in the Dickens I’ve been up to lately, so here’s a roundup (in reverse chronological order)....

Hankywaving and kickarse swamp rock 4

Hankywaving and kickarse swamp rock

What a weekend!  This year saw the 75th anniversary of The Morris Ring, celebrated at the Thaxted Ring Meeting (I know, the what?!), and once again the Westminster Morris Men were honoured to participate. ...

Ooooh! 0


Mitch & Rupert have started a folky session! That’s a bit of a treat.

Brief, but spectacular 0

Brief, but spectacular

As it’s the last day that our dear friend Connie is running The Coach & Horses in Longborough, the lads & I thought we might scoot up the A44 and give her a farewell...

No… Sleep… TIL BEDTIME! 0


Would you believe that our morris dancing team was asked if we were available this weekend to appear in a rap video? Good lord, even typing it makes me feel 50 years old…