Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Spare time – you wot?

Anyone looking at maximising their relaxation time and restorative sleep benefits would be well advised not to volunteer to arrange a day of morris dancing for 170 blokes from around the country for the centre of London.  It certainly cuts into one’s blogging time.

And that seems like a nice segue into mentioning that this Saturday brings the 2009 Westminster Morris Mens’ annual Day of Dance.


We’ll have teams from all around the place (Exeter, Chester, Monkseaton, Ripley, Huddersfield… to name but a few) scattered around Trafalgar Square & environs between 10:15 and 18:30 on Saturday May the 9th – so if you hear the jingling of bells, pop over and say hello!

The main show will be in Trafalgar Square commencing at 17:00.  Otherwise, the day’s programme can be found on the Westminster Morris website (linked above).

It ought to be stacks of fun.  It has been every other year!