During our 5 day self-guided wander around various parts of Europe, K & I thought that it might be fun to do the obligatory visit to a place with a rude name.  It was a bit of an afterthought, admittedly, and not one which we explored with much diligence.  In fact, the extent of our planning this side trip was me typing a few rude words into Google Maps to see what would come up that was interesting.

I knew that there’s a town in Austria called Fucking, however that was too far away to conceivably visit.  A memory from a previous hunt for amusing place names suddenly popped up though: somewhere around Austria or Germany there’s a mountain called Wank (I now know that it’s in Bavaria, not Austria, and it was a little foolish of me to think that Austria held the monopoly on rude teutonic sites).

Now, Google have done a great job with their map application, and one of its purportedly helpful features is that if you type in a place and search for it, if they can’t find a match for what you’re looking for, they offer a list of helpful suggestions in case that’s what you actually meant.

I’m pleased to report that the iPhone’s first suggestion, when presented with the map query “Wank, Austria” is: The Tate Modern.

Again, due to distance, we never did visit Wank – and sadly therefore didn’t have the opportunity to shake hands with any Wankers.  Perhaps another time…

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