I love it when a wardrobe comes together.

Ebay is (arguably, was) the most brilliant thing ever.  Providing a global boundaryless marketplace where you can drift around looking for the most unlikely stuff…  quite what prompts me to look for half of this shite, I couldn’t tell you – however among some of the gems I’ve acquired are an incomplete set of A Team Coathangers, a limited edition Monty Python’s “Spamalot” branded bottle of HP Sauce, a wooden duck call (that is, it calls ducks, and it’s made of wood – I’ve no idea how effective it is on wooden ducks yet), and a Monty Python Inflatable Shower Cap.  And *almost* a golf club from a Hollywood film.

For reasons which the people of yesteryear would probably attribute to sorcery, or the work of a local spirit, I recently came into possession of a second set of A-Team coathangers.

It was an interesting turning point, as the 3 in this partial set were the same 3 in my other partial set (although I’ve also got a spare Hannibal one, for other reasons which I also don’t fully understand).  This introduced confusion into my otherwise confident and stable life – I had assumed my other set to be incomplete, because – as EVERYONE knows – there are 4 members of The A Team.  Hannibal is the leader, with his unusual plans and big cigars that he chomps down on.  Faceman was the smooth talker.  BA Baracus was the tough guy mechanic and powerhouse.  Murdoch was the nutcase pilot, and presumably had a lot to do with why BA didn’t wanna get on no plane.  FOUR members!

So why then are there only 3 coathangers in the set?

After 3 years’ of occasional disinterested searching (come on, this isn’t exactly keeping me up at night, is it?), I can confirm that the 4th coat hanger does in fact exist.  I haven’t found one for sale, but at least there’s now photographic proof that such a thing exists.

Why is Face’s coat hanger the most elusive of the four?  And how can I get hold of this prized item?  Perhaps I need to begin my search in the Los Angeles underground…