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As soon as we walked in the old bloke (who you logically assume to be Sergio) treated us like old friends, despite us never having set foot in the place before. It felt warm, cheery, and welcoming – and that flying start was only improved upon by the food!

My Ravioli in Brodo was tasty enough and of generous enough size to not make me feel in any way cheated, and my friend’s seafood salad looked awesome! The mains were gargantuan and excellent – the calzone hung over both sides of my girlfriend’s plate like a giant cartoon Cheshire Cat grin (covered in sauce). My pasta with pesto was tasty & cooked to perfection, and the pizza our friend had looked superb as well.

We powered through a couple of bottles of a very tasty house white as well – and again, our host splashed the wine around liberally in our glasses without a hint of the pretension usually surrounding wine service.

Scott Adams (the writer of Dilbert) says that with restaurants you could have the best food in the world, but if the experience of being there sucks then you’re going to lose. Sergio’s is a case in point – whilst not haute cuisine or Michelin material, the food was great quality and plentiful, and the ambience & service made for an incredibly cheerful and enjoyable night.
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