It has to be said – relaxing in a classy hotel room is wayyyy better than dragging one’s sorry exhausted arse through cattle-class flights & unfriendly airports.

Presently I’m sitting in our loungeroom at the Trump International Tower, looking out across Downtown and over into the mountains. Our room is amazing. Seriously, this is the coolest place ever!

We’ve got 2 bathrooms for some reason, although only one has the hottub and double-shower.

Our room has a kitchen – where we fired up a lovely champagne breakfast with bacon & cheese bagels – with an in-sink disposal unit! Could life get any better??

The bed is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in, and it was difficult watching a movie on the large LCD screen, reading the TimeOut Guide to Las Vegas, AND fighting the urge to drift off to sleep instantly.

I couldn’t help but draw a stark contrast to our holiday in Kefalonia last year, with the shower which only dispensed cold water, and having to throw your used bogroll in the bin.

Actually I didn’t have anything to say at all – just wanted to post these photos.

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