G’day thrillseekers!

You can tell when I’m bored when I start blogging things as I’m actually doing them.  In a fit of disastrous forward planning, I’ve got 6 hours to kill in Dulles Washington Airport, on my way to Las Vegas.  It hasn’t taken long to ascertain that Dulles is in fact nowhere usefully near to Washington DC, and therefore this airport’s about to get the Singapore treatment until 5pm.

In testimony to my logistical skills, it’s also worth mentioning that I ended up working til after midnight on Thursday night, and because I had to check in at 04:55 in the morning I elected to forego sleep so I could get a taxi to Heathrow.  Consequently, I’ve watched the same movie 3 times and still not seen all of it due to sporadic consciousness lapses, and any attempts at reading anything have proven to be what you might call “an unwise investment of time”.  Let me just record here fore posterity that this is the last time I bother with “free” frequent flyer mile flights.  It’s almost as if there’s a team of scientists working around the clock to see if they can’t think of another way to make this component of my holiday suck more.  At least I wasn’t one of those poor suckers in the UK whose holiday evaporated before them as XL Tours spontaneously turned into a pumpkin.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been in the USA – I’d forgotten…  There’s generic “AMERICA! F*** YEAH!” type gifts shops peppered about the place here, all sporting different persuasions of presidential race tackyobilia – I wonder if I should buy cardboard standups of Obama and McCain as a surprise for K for our hotel room?  There appears to be no postal facilities at all, so you’re safe from the rigours of me sending bored & sleep-deprivation inspired postcards.  For now.

Actually – the truth be known, I only logged on here to kill 10 minutes until midday.  I now pronounce it Beer O’Clock!

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