This project of writing up my Vegas trip is proving more difficult than I thought, so in the meantime, I’d like to document my enthusiasm and surprise for the particular part of south London I’ve spent the last 12 or so hours in.
Previously I had understood that it was totally inaccessible (the A to Z just shows a big dark swirl with “here be dragons” over the top). However based on what I’ve seen I’m not so very sure there would be any need to leave.
Previously I’d seen bits of clapham (courtesy of brian, olivia & catrin), and dan & I tried some nice pubs in tooting (plus of course the famous sewing machine museum). But I’ve got to say, Pitney and lavender hill have really impressed me!
Right now we’re sitting in the Microbar on Lavender Hill, enjoying a non-pratty massive beer selection. They’ve got bottles of Little Creatures here, plus the usual belgian & german offerings, a great us selection, and even a Corsican wheat beer.
Last night we passed through the bricklayers arms in putney too (after seeing a top shelf Hendrix tribute act at The Half Moon) – the only pub I have ever seen with the full range of timothy taylor beers on tap.
So yeah – at least on the strength of the puns, I might have to pay more attention to this part of the world! It’s more bloody inspiring than Camden these days!

Mmm… Beer….
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