Had a dream last night that the world had been somehow populated by giant apes and lizards (King Kong / Godzilla stylee), and that civilisation was generally freaking the f*ck out about it. The main trouble being that in these times of life largely being centred around retail and tourism, nobody seemed to have much of a survival instinct, and people were therefore getting eaten or crushed left, right & centre.

Upon waking up, my first thought seemed to be, “Hmm, good idea – better write out a risk management plan to deal with giant mutant humanoid reptiles and simians”, but the trouble is there's so many damn variables.

Is it a better idea, for starters, to be in the city or the country? In the city you'd have more tech resource at your disposal, but you'd also have more crowds of panicking people to deal with. In the country you'd be better positioned to gather food, but unless you could fortify a cave or something, you'd be more exposed. Of course it's not something you can necessarily plan ahead for, and I would assume that in the midst of a rampaging dinosaur crisis is not the best time to be totally reliant on being able to get a flight out to Australia (good place to take refuge, I reckon).

A lot depends on the species of giant animal, also – I guess I'd assumed that they'd be carnivorous, but that's not a given, is it? Maybe the animals are ordinarily placid, but are being driven insane by the massive volumes of radio wave traffic in the air? The individual's survival solution would therefore be to get somewhere where there's either less radio activity, or less dangerous animals.

One would assume there to be some sort of military or police involvement, however having thousands of gigantic predators suddenly appear in a city is hardly something that's going to happen by random chance – it's plausible that some sort of evil super-genius is behind it, and he's already crippled the nation's defences. These are all things that must be considered!

There's obviously more to this risk planning caper than I had previously acknowledged. But then I guess I'll look pretty silly if it *does* happen, and I'm sporting a stupid facial expression and protesting that I didn't have enough time to plan. Hmm, what to do…

2007-11-27 : These giant monkeys will devour us all!
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