On the topic of Movember (these guys are the originals, although I suppose this relates MOre to the Flaming Mo's over at the jazzed up bandwagon-stealing fundraiser), whilst not participating or instigating an effort on this side of the pond, I thought it would be the decent thing to acknowledge the endeavours of my peers. So here's this year's lineup…

Winnie: the first person to contact me about Movember this year, he's sporting a bit of a Chopper. I remember when I first met Winnie back in 1992 he was more geared towards the Beatle-esque “Sergeant-Major” look, although this is still a fine effort.

Carty: Straight, no-nonsense lip slug. Good work, that man!

Benn: Bit of a high-profile mo, this. He auctioned styling rights off on eBay in order to raise extra fundage, and seems to have gone from rather a dastardly Ed Rooney, over to a Chaplin.

Jez: Random inclusion, cos I spotted his Facebook profile photo and assumed it HAD to be Movember related. Another sturdy Chopper.

Ryan: Tidy bit of Chopper action here from Mr Davidson. I was a little disappointed he didn't go for his trademark Zappa, however I guess Movember rules stipulate “nothing between the top lip and the chin”.

Stew: Evil, evil bit of lip-slug there, and no mistake.

Little Benny: Another Chopper, looking a little 80's-Australian-Cricketer actually… I understand that some of the money raised from this year's event will go towards an operation to get that car out of his arse.

Wazza: Bit of a surprise inclusion here, from sunny Brussels. Apparently Wazza's girlfriend's none too pleased about this MOnifestation, but I'm glad he made the effort, and it's a definite asset to the field of global quality moustache production.

Paul: this fairly sad and noncomittal token tache turned up on Paul's lip in a semi-ironic “lets all do Movember again this year” way, and disappeared on about the 2nd of the MOnth. I can't help but feel a little disappointed, particularly in the face of the excellent contribution he's made in previous years.

OK, I lied about not participating.

I've inadvertanly wound up with what I'd descride as a bit of a Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap-style Mo, although it isn't really what I was aiming for. Ah well. Another year, another ridiculous collection of facial fungus.

Good work, men.

2007-11-23 : 2008 Stache Roundup
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