Wow, this sock project has proven a couple of things to me so far – primarily that there's more of you reading this than I thought there were, and also that the dreaded sock shortage extends to Fair Oceania as well. Size 6-10 red socks are in abundance, but that's no use to me – I don't wanna have to get the jaws of life out again, or be forced to shower in my socks.

An idea – which took disturbingly long to manifest itself, considering – struck me last night, and I duly communed with my old adversary eBay. I found something that looked like red explorer socks (not Holeproof, but who's picky about brand names, right?), and so I'm predicting that the road tests will be over by early next week.

In other news (and this is one of those visual things, so apologies to anyone who only gets the text version), whaddya think of m' filthy new sideburns?

Huh? Huh?

Bitchin', aren't they?

2007-06-14 : Oooh, and a paper. And a sock.