Had a dream last night that I went to a big company meeting for a large software crew I was working for – no idea where or what it was – and for some reason we'd all taken our desktop PCs along. For some reason I was late; as with most dreams, recollections are sketchy at best, but I think it had to do with having to shave a beard off. When I got to the meeting, the guest speaker pointed at me specifically and said “Ah yes, here he is: you are indeed lucky, for your PC is to be installed with Windows Millenium Edition!”.

The special speaker turned out to be from Microsoft, and she'd come along to trumpet the virtues of their product line. My reaction however was less than impressed, and I launched into a fairly scathing rant about what a great shining turd that operating system was. The Microsoft person took umbrage at my suggestion that her company's product was crap, and that only spurred me on to greater heights, indicating that not only was WinME crap, but it was seriously outdated crap. This seemed not to curry favour with the Microsoft representative (I can't imagine why – calling their product crap in front of a large room of people), and when I looked up at the person's face, it turned out to be Australian Democrats Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja.

I was about to say “Just thought you'd be interested”, but in hindsight I can't think how that could possibly be the case. Maybe I won't do dreams in future.

Still, the Senator was pretty pissed off.

2007-06-12 : Weird dreams, and not a piece of cheese in sight.