I've been wearing red Explorer socks (Holeproof Explorer – the 4WD of socks) since I was about 15. Not 100% sure why, but I suspect it's cos Explorer socks are nice & thick, and they're good for preventing blisters and foot-rubbiness, and red just cos I like red. However my s(t)ocks have become somewhat depleted over the past couple of years – I don't suppose I need to justify that: all socks have a limited lifespan, be it through wear & tear, or being devoured by washing machines (the natural predator of the sock) – and though I've hunted in camping stores & department stores across this fine if somewhat rainy isle, I can't find adequate replacements. To be sure, there's many an Explorer sock to be bought, but do you reckon I can find any that are the right shade of red? Like fun.

So, kind peoples of Australia, I beseech thee in that one or two of you may take pity on my bestricken (is that a word?) condition. Can someone send me over a pair or 2 of red Explorers? Or yellow – that'll do just as nicely (I wore them to my high school graduation after the Principal threatened me that I woudln't graduate if I showed up in red socks). I need the larger size to accomodate my gargantuan hoofs – the ones that are for size 12.

That'd be grand.

2007-06-12 : Socks appeal
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