Whoever left me a voicemail this morning live from a Roger Waters gig, of the entire performance of him singing Wish You Were Here: Thankyou.

I'd just been stuck for about 15 minutes on the Tube in the tunnel between Green Park and Victoria, and was feeling a bit pissed off & small & insignificant in the way that London sometimes makes you feel – so to get out and discover that somebody had thought of me and shared that (one of my all time favourites) song was just amazing.

Plus it gave me something to listen to from Victoria station to work.

Probably made a few people wonder why an idiot in a black leather trenchcoat and felt hat was singing into a mobile, though.

Ah, bollocks to 'em all, I say.

(Incidentally, “Wish You Were Here” was the only song I ever learned to strum the chords for on my brief journey into guitar self-teaching.)

2007-02-01 : Running over the same old ground