Revenue: Am a bit shart off about a particularly unwelcomely big tax bill which arrived whilst I was off having fun in the snow. As with being caught for speeding, the first reaction is to blame everyone/thing else, but essentially it boils down to my lack of understanding of the was tax works. So the decision to tone down this year's activity may be more economic-based than self-control…

Rseclowns (close enough): 2 hours late to work today because the laundry dropoff dude didn't show bewteen 9 & 10 like he was meant to, and when I rang him at 10:30 to find out what was going on it turned out he was dropping off *tomorrow*, but hadn't bothered to let me know. So they are soooooo not getting paid.

Romanescu: Variably known as “romanesque califlower”, “romanesco”, “fractal vegetable”, “mandelbrot broccoli”, “space veg”, and “that weird green swirly thing”.

Call it what you like, it's one cool looking vegetable.

I'm not normally one to wax enthusiastic about the aesthetics of a vegetable, but HOT DAMN ! This is no saggy cabbage or flaccid parsnip.

But it's not just the appearance that rocks – apparently they're high in vitamin C, fibre & antioxidants as well. I can't profess that the taste is anything to write home about, and the texture's a little on the rubbery side, but since first laying eyes on this thing at Borough Markets I've been served it twice (once at Hilberger in Austria and again at Mango Tree in Belgravia just a couple of days ago) and it never fails to perk up my interest in a meal. Anyone who serves up one of these puppies gets my instant acclaim, and once you know what they're called you can find other people who dig them as much as you do (although sometimes it gets a little scary).

2007-01-31 : Brought to you by the letter R
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