This country just gets harder and harder to consider leaving, I tells ya !

Thanks to the innovative folk at BT, no longer are text messages purely the province of the technorati-mobile-phone-possessing-set ! Now luddites with just their home phones can receive the little 160 character long bundles of goodness too. “But how can a home phone receive text messages ?”, I hear you ask ?? Well, using accessibility technology previously favoured by the sight-impaired, if someone SMSs your home phone, the phone rings and the message is read to you by the powerful velvety tones of none other than TOM BAKER !

(If you don't know who he is, I suggest you go get a quick education)

My learned mate The Puzzler just demonstrated this valuable service to me, and let me tell you – you've never lived until you've heard Tom Baker's mellifluous molasses-like voice intoning “Look out for monkey shaggers from Caracas !”.

So clearly, this is going to have no impact whatsoever on quality or intelligibility of text messages. If only I could think of a readily available means of recording these…

Good lord, can you imagine how your 3am drunken romantic texts would sound in The Doctor's voice ? Conversely, if I send any such messages to my friends back home in Australia and there's mention of Davros or Gallifrey, then you know what's prompted that.

2006-02-02 : Is there a Doctor in the house ? There could be…