So I guess this'll be my last ever blog from 51 Mornington Street, Camden Town, NW1 7QB – laregly on account of how I move out tomorrow morning.

Now's not the time for retrospectives and soforth – I'll get to that when I have a spare moment (July's looking good at this stage). Interesting though that the couple of people I've mentioned I'm moving to have said “What, already ?!”. It'll be 12 months exactly I've lived here, so clearly everyone else has had a fast year too.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, me.

Oh yeah, I had to suspend my site comment feature, cos some automatic wazzock discovered it and decided it'd be a good idea to try to sell viagra using it. Like anyone reading this is gonna need it… You've got to be getting laid to need viagra.

(With the exception of the lads from Morris Dancing – they claim that they take one with their Horlicks in the evening – it stops them rolling out of bed)

2006-02-04 : Good god, where’d that year go ?
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