2006-01-18 : Captain Astute has entered the building

Went down to Camden Market the other day to show Ben & Sarah all the weird stuff down there…

As a departure from the “normal” route, I thought we'd nip up & have a look at the completely awesome gallery of rock star photos. As it turns out, they've changed their exhibition to a historical retrospective of Playboy photography. Took some explaining…

ANYWAY, we'd just bought a healthy & nutritious donut from the donut sellin' dude, and were standing over to one side eating it, when Ben stopped, and stared forward apprehensively. We looked to him for explanation, as we could almost see his mighty brain going through its mysterious machinations. He then declared, with almost Sherlock Holmesian portent, and yet more than a modicum of surprise, “I can smell…. CORN !”.

Unusual as this seemed to our eager young hero, Sarah and I sorta looked at each other, and then nodded at the stall he was standing right in front of. And, thrillseekers, any guesses what it was selling ?

Ben Williams – part time top bloke, part time chop.

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