2006-01-13 : It’s getting a bit crowded in here…

Just noticed how many photos I've got on the ol' front page at the minute. Hope none of you guyrs are trying to look at this over dialup !! Hahahaaaaa.

Got to type gently at the moment – after a random night out with my former colleagues Neil and Lord Science, I've discovered that I've bruised the tip of my left middle finger. This was achieved by repeatedly stabbing at the touchscreen on the Trivial Pursit machine in the pub we happened to be in. All in all an exercise in extreme futility really: I think we blew about 15 quid and achieved nothing more than underline how stupid the 3 of us are. Luckily the only witnesses to this revelation were convincingly dumber than we were (at least going by their efforts on the trivial pursuit machine).

What did I come in to tell you about ? Oh that's right. My learned virtual travelling colleague Vicki indirectly informed me about possibly the finest airline ever to exist, anywhere. Mr Branson, you can stick your cut price options and the possibility of space flight. What I as a consumer want is an airline where the hostesses can be used as flotation devices !