Hmm… Explained the problem with my work PC to the “Help”desk dude, and he shook his head and said it wasn't the PC – it must be the software I'd installed on it, and set to work re-imaging the hard drive. I suggested it could be dodgy RAM, and he shook his head and patiently & condescendingly explained why that wasn't possible.

So anyway, 45 mins later when the re-imaging wasn't going so well, he muttered that there must be something wrong with the PC and stalked off into the distance.

Meanwhile, back in Fun With Banks land, I've booked some flights between Adelaide and Melbourne for my trip back, and decided to use a different website than the one I usually do (after the fiasco with the rental car I somewhat lost faith in my normal site). All went smoothly, and the end price was about $100 cheaper than my regular site – RESULT !

Problem today though… checking my online Visa statement it appears that I've been charged twice for the Qantas flights, and accordingly that's tipped my balance over my card limit… so my bank's punitive software's rubbed its digital mitts with glee and helpfully hit me with another £20 Overlimit Fee. So begins another enjoyable saga.

On the upside, last night I went out to catch up with The Esps and Rockhopper for their Baker Street tour. Twas great, cos I got to catch up with Michelle from Adelaide and Jenny from Bedford, and meet a couple of other funky people too. And as we were at The Hobgoblin, it seemed rude not to have a pint. Aside from being a great beer, it also has one of my favourite advertising campaigns to go with it.

2005-08-18 : Is it something I’m doing ??
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