Grr. Crap day. Lost half a day chasing silly code problems around in circles, largely because our database debugging tools don't play nice. Then PC at work melted down (stopped recognising hard drive). Waited an hour and a half for helpdesk guys to get me a working one, then an hour later (after I'd installed everything again) *that* one started bluescreening and rebooting as well.

Was meant to get timesheet signed today as well, but the bloke who signs them didn't show. Took til about 4:30 for them to agree on who should be properly authorised and delegated to be the deputy for that particular task, so as I'm meant to have my timesheet in by midday there's a reasonable chance I won't get paid next week.


Otherwise, fine.

2005-08-17 : Got the whinging trousers on.
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