2005-06-14 : Needlessly complex

2 complaints, and then a bit of incredibly wild news that has had my pulse racing for the last 18 hours.

1) For some reason the wireless networking dingus in my laptop has decided to become rather contrary, and whilst up until Sunday night it was happily doing its network thing and sending data packets happily to our wireless router, it now seems to be having some kind of identity crisis or senility issue, and cannot maintain a network connection for longer than about 12 seconds. It has got to be some kind of hardware thing, cos the one in the lounge still works fine, and I have not made any changes on my computer, or installed anything new. It is doing my brain in, because I have got no idea how to troubleshoot something like this, and at the minute I really *really* need a working network connection ! And this morning there have been 2 points where it settles down and stays connected for about 10 minutes, then goes back into the here-again-gone-again routine. I might have to pilfer a LAN cable from somewhere and decamp to the loungeroom next week !

2) That bloody child who lives somewhere in our block of units !!! Every now and again (and again and again and again) we can hear it screaming its lungs out, although it is impossible to tell which direction the cacophony is originating from. The damn thing is almost omnipresent ! I have often thought of walking around peering in all the windows to try to find it, because with a racket like that we are obviously dealing with some sort of giant housebound mutant baby with a chest the size of a Chevy Impala. Forget training it to be an opera singer – you could park that little bastard in front of a wind farm and power a county for 70 years.

OK, now I have extracted that from my system. For the good news…!

It is quite well known – at least up this end of the earth – that Bob Geldof is staging a bunch of concerts on July 2 called Live 8, to target the G8 summit in Edinburgh as part of the Make Poverty History campaign. But the exciting bit, as far as *this* punter is concerned, is that for the first time since 1981, Pink Floyd are reforming to perform at this once-off event ! OK, so U2, REM, Madonna, The Cure, and a bunch of other bands of minor interest will be there too… but the REALLY good part is I HAVE A TICKET!!!!! I AM GONNA SEE PINK FLOYD LIVE! In case you are unable to tell, I am really *really* pumped about this! At this juncture I should publicly say thanks to Paul – mate, I take back most of the things that I have ever said about you.

Now, time to get to work… I shall definitely have to catch up writing about this Wales trip one day soon, because now I have a story about the Falconry trip last weekend to write up, too!

(There is now a complaint #3 – for some reason my website software can no longer recognise apostrophes, and I have just had to go through my entire post and remove them all so that the database errors would stop. There appears to be no valid reason for this sudden change in behaviour. I give up. I am going to move to the country and become a monk.)