Quick post, once again having nothing to do with falconry or Wales – last night Paul T, his wife whose name I *think* it Kristen but apols if it isn't, Paul B and I shot down to Brixton for the Weezer gig. It was another one of those ones where I didn't really know any of the band's material, but went along anyway.

As it turned out, I *did* know a fair portion of their material, but I guess it stands to reason given how long they've been around. It was a bit weird though – the rest of the crowd were clearly right into it, and for the most part singing along. I kinda felt like the guy who turns up to a Manchester United game wearing an Olympic Marseille top, or something.

The bespectacled quartet rocked out fairly nicely – a couple of their songs I kinda thought were a bit ordinary, but due to the fact I had no idea what they were and also to the live gig PA incomprehensibility issue, I can't tell you which those were. There were a few rock cliches in evidence, like the swaying and waving of cigarette lighters during slower bits, and the obligatory crowd surfing – all synonymous with a bunch of punters having a wild time.

A top gig all round, and not at all a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.

There, that review told you almost nothing, did it ?

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