Well… I *had* intended to spend this weekend doing useful things, such as laundry, replying to a stack of emails, updating my website with the last lot of what I did when in Australia, processing my photos ready to upload, installing Visual Studio .Net 2003 on my laptop…

However in my infinite wisdom I instead elected to install Sid Meier's Pirates. It's the new incarnation of my old favourite game on the Commodore 64, cunningly named “Pirates!” (WITH exclamation mark, not optional), and anyone who was around back then knows how many weeks I wasted playing that. Well without going into specifics, let's just say that it's not helping my jet lag any. It's 2am now, and if I go to bed that means it'll be earlier than last night. Needless to say, I've got none of the things done this weekend.

On the upside, I've just rescued the Governor of Antigua's daughter from Captain Mendoza, and after I've returned her I'm off in search of a lost Inca city near Vera Cruz !

2005-04-11 : Yo ho ho and a bottle of… oh god, is THAT the time !?
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