Just a quick note to say that I'm safely back in London after possibly the worst international flight I've ever had. I'll skip detail as I'm pressed for time, however I had the singular pleasure of being walled in by extremely old people on either side and a row of screaming kids in front, thereby ensuring that I got virtually no sleep whatsoever. I'm gonna be *such* a bundle of joy at work today !!

The landing at Heathrow was possibly the bumpiest hoppity-hop-hop-hop fest I've ever been party to, and then of course my old favourite (after nearly a day solid in the air) – the Heathrow Baggage Carousel Cram ! That time-honoured technique where the first people off the plane form an impenetrable ring around the carousel, so that they can damn well get their bags before anyone else, because they were there first !

Eeeeeeurgh. Time to get some herbal tea I think. I might revisit this after a sleep.

Anyway, the point was – I'm back.

2005-04-07 : Goodbye blue skies !
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