2005-02-17 : Oh the wacky antics we have in this office…

Isn't MSN Messenger a lovely thing ? The answer, of course, is no.

This afternoon half of the people on our floor installed it, and we had a bit of a Group Chat on it. The problem was, we have 2 girls called Hannah who work up here, and they'd both set their nickname to “Hannah”. In itself, not helpful really. But in order that nobody feel left out, the rest of us changed our names to Hannah as well.

Well *I* found it moderately amusing, anyhow.

In other news, I just bought a ticket to go see Oscar Peterson in concert in July. It cost me an arm and a leg, but what an opportunity !? I thought it was outstanding enough to see Herbie Hancock live back at the end of last summer, but this is just the icing on the cake ! No, in fact this is like taking a perfecetly awesome cake, and icing it *with* another cake !

The only thing cooler than seeing Oscar Peterson would be to see Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, and the likelihood of that's in the same ballpark as getting to a Led Zeppelin gig – i.e. It just AIN'T gonna happen unless either Time Travel is invented, or we figure out a way to reverse the decomposition process.