2005-02-22 : Holy crap Batman, that’s not dandruff !

It comes as a moment of extreme satisfaction and excitement in any Nouveau Londoner's life when – despite being told repeatedly by folks that this particular meteorological occurrence no longer takes place – you get a decent sized dump of snow descend outside your office window…

And we weren't talking a pissy 5 minute sprinkle of miniscule crystals such as was seen on Australia Day either.

Nope, this was nice big chunky flakes.

The tricky bit is how to be photographed in it and not look gay.

Still, having lived in a country that's something like 80% desert, I found the whole concept pretty exciting.

One last – somewhat unrelated – thing: Paul stumbled on a fairly disturbing news story this morning. As if having rat brain cells flying fighter jets around wasn't bad enough already, scientists are now building cyborg monkeys ! As usual, I don't want to cause alarm among the people of Earth, but as we ALL KNOW: as soon as monkeys get the chance they are going to overtake the enslave us and rule our planet with an iron fist. And yet against all better judgement, what are these scientists doing ? THEY'RE PROVIDING MONKEYS WITH IRON FISTS ! It's wrong, I tell you.