One of the coolest things about living in a place like this is the opportunities that turn up that you just wouldn't normally get. Thanks to some nifty spotting by Paul the Dodgy Neon Wombat, it seems that on the morning of my impending house move, I'm gonna be checking out This:

What the hell do you say !? Oh. My. God! A chance to meet The Goodies !? Too cool.

Aside from that, only bit of news are that Steve T is definitely turning up in sunny London on Sunday, so there's another Aussie to shoot the breeze with for at least a coupla weeks. I still think it's pretty amazing really that someone can phone my mobile from somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean. Maybe I'm just a bit old fashioned, but that impresses me.

Finally, tonight I showed the girls around the office both how sensitive/caring I am, along with demonstrating a strong sideline in thriftiness, by sending these around.

Who said that romance is dead in this country, eh ?

2005-02-09 : Now THIS is why I’m here !