…send a picture or two. So going by traditional rates of exchange, here's about 6000 words.

Nottingham Castle, taken by me. The photo, not the castle. They don't allow that much luggage on the train back to St. Pancras.

Justin and Charlie at the bar the other night where we went for Ellie's birthday. I think it was for Ellie's Birthday. It might have been someone else's. Doesn't really matter – it's still Justin and Charlie in the photo.

The statue of Robin Hood at the foot of Nottingham Castle. It's a tourist must-do to photograph this, and I figured I was in no place to flaunt tradition. Apparently it's a local custom to pinch the arrow on rampant drunken evenings, too. We managed to avoid doing this.

Whipping unexpectedly back to Ellie's Possible Birthday, this is Oli. At this point in the evening he wasn't actually as badly focused as this photo would have you believe.

And here we are in Nottingham again. I really have to order these better in future. For reasons which confound most, there's a SCUBA shop in outer Nottingham. The confusing part is that Nottingham is probably the most land-centric (or bi-coastally equidistant, to make up an impressive term for it) city in England…

And now, rare action footage of me performing the difficult maneuvre known as the Tim Tam Slam. Huge thanks (HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE !) to Lineke for the wondrous gift of the Tim Tams (ENORMOUS THANKS ! I don't know if I've made this point clearly enough !?), and also to Sharon for the free hat.

And I guess apologies to anyone reading this over my email distribution list who can't see the photos – I suppose you'd better hop along and have a look on the website !!

So that's all from me, chiefly because I haven't been doing anything lately. I'm serious ! I've had the flu, had no money, and have spent most of the time either at work, or at home sitting very still and trying not to spend any money (which I don't have anyway). This weekend however, I'm moving house across to Camden, so that ought to be a great steaming pile of fun ! And the week after that, I'm heading off across the waters to sunny Dublin for the weekend. But now, off home I think.

2005-02-08 : When you’ve got nothing much to say…
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