Eric Idle has written a new musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It sounds thoroughly awesome (and it appears to have a very silly website), but the story doesn't make any mention of a UK run. To me that just seems a little weird, given that Monty Python is essentially a British institution. I guess I'll keep my ear to the ground – not that it'll help… I'll probably just wind up getting dirt in my ear or something.

Irrelevantly, I was just having a look at my website statistics – seemingly a pointless exercise, because due to the weird redirections that go on it doesn't accurately record much at all. However it does tell me some of the search engine phrases that have brought people into my digital lair. The 10 most recent were:
1) Old Australian TV Shows (I was the only google result for this !)
2)”Daniel Kitson” audio stream
3) celebrant melbourne comedy
4) seal drain belfast sink (top google result for this too)
5) gherkin1 (and this, on French google)
6) save ferris tshirt
7) ecstasy ratings (this linked to my newsfeed page though, so I don't suppose it really counts)
8) bullshit bingo
9) things to do in Lower Oddington (although this search would return much, seeing as Lower Oddington's about 50m from one end to the other), and
10) blues brothers + suggestions

I'm not entirely sure what to make of all that really. Thankfully I haven't been found for anything more… unusual.

Still I guess the one thing I seem to get more enquiry emails about than anything else (apart from friends wondering when I'm going to stop publishing complete bollocks on my website) is about the poem “The Day MacArthur Farted”. Through some random fluke, I stumbled across an Australian Folk CD which included – among other things – a reading of said poem (orignally written by Andrew Bleby and Rob Bath). I went to the trouble of ordering the CD, however upon arrival it turned out that it was the worst recitation I've ever heard ! The guy kept stumbling and screwing verses up – worse than Bogsy at a Rat Pack party after having too many cans ! I was almost tempted to make my own recording, but that's probably a little narcissistic, isn't it ?

As for what I've been up to in the last few days – I think I'll post that tomorrow. Right now I've got to go do some more Christmas shopping. On eBay, of course.

2004-12-21 : I have to push the pramalooooooooooooot
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