OK, whinging about computers aside, there's been a fair bit of fun in my immediate vicinity of late. Last night Annie and I went to see a comedian by the name of Jimmy Carr down at the Hammersmith Apollo (dagnammit, I seem to spend half my life down there !)… I can't say his stuff would appeal to *everyone*, but it was still bloody funny.

It's been a long time since I saw a comedian whose primary medium was one-liners, and actual Jokes – they seem to tend more towards stories these days. I still can't work out if that's what was distracting me about the gig… It may have been that, or the uneasy feeling I had that at any moment one of the minority groups he was insulting would rush the stage. I made the observation to Annie after the gig that I don't think he'd get away with that in Australia – if anyone had taken exception then they probably wouldn't have been so polite or apathetic as to sit there and take it.

Piss funny though.

Friday night was the work Christmas party – liver-punishing country. I thought it was moderately interesting that though I worked at my last job for around 4 months I didn't get an invite to the Christmas party, and yet after only 2 weeks at this one it was open season !

The theme of the party was 70's – bit of a safe bet, but still plenty of options I guess (every time I see a themed do, I can't help but think of the old Aesir Rovers “Bald Guys with Beards” Quiz Night. From the outset I predicted there was going to be a lot of afro's, sideburns and mo's… but that didn't seem to be a valid reason not to do the same.

It was pretty cool really – haven't had that much fun at a company Christmas party since the Myer Adelaide staff party back in… hell, when was that ? 1994 maybe ? Wow.

Of moderate amusement was the fact that the buses taking us from the office to the venue dropped us out the front of some church, from where we had to walk around to the actual venue. Justin and I were waiting for Charlie on the 3rd bus, so we ducked into the alcove of the church… unfortunately, some of the people who followed us off the bus figured this meant that the church was in fact the venue, so in they trundled! We decided it would be best to shoot through rather than face the embarrassment of having pointed a half-dozen 70's dressed folk into a perfectly respectable church service.

Aside from that, there was the requisite amount of drinking, dancing, and general malarkey. About the only downside would have been me getting my 'fro caught several times in my mouth whilst dancing and almost choking on various sized clumps of curly nylon hair.

I've got a whole buncha photos which are presently on my PC at work… will upload them when I find a way to get them back here.

Good time had by all, and the next day I was soooooo knackered that I could'nt even raise the energy to go down to the Post Office on Saturday morning to collect my eBay purchases for that week. Yes, I know – I was really *that* tired !

Well I'd love to stay and chat, but Crocodile Dundee II is on telly, and given that at the Christmas party the other night I finally had to face my fears and drink Fosters Lager, I can't now possibly miss out on this bit of Aussie viewing.

Incidentally, it seems that I didn't mention this previously, but earlier this year there was a DVD box set released here in the UK of Crocodile Dundee. What's a bit unusual is that wherein most “box sets” include all of the films in a series, the Croc Dundee box completely ignores the third film in the series. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing.

2004-12-14 : The season of silliness.