2004-11-28 : Wow, they didn’t even chase me out of the building this time !

Had my last day at Reuters yesterday – was a bit weird… excited that I'll be starting my new job on Monday, but at the same time I'm gonna miss the 8th floor gang. I'm not going to miss the 1.5 hour commute to work on the bloody Jubilee line though.

We popped out after work last night to go to what Oli described as “The WORST Italian restaurant in London” (can't possibly go wrong with a concept like that !), however when we got there it was shut (possibly condemned by health inspectors – who knows…). Instead we went to a different Italian restaurant, which seemed to be where Chianti bottles are grown and harvested.

Actually, there's not much to say about that other than that we had a really cool time and all… but there is something I *do* want to point out, which I can't believe I haven't posted before.

Prior to leaving Adelaide, I had a hood ornament attached to my car. Essentially, hood ornaments are a core belief of mine – if you have a car that's shitty enough, putting some kind of plastic toy on the grille can only improve the overall quality of the vehicle. My Laser had the plastic wrestler – known as Mr Nipples – and when he was stolen, I replaced him with a humungous empty Heineken can. My yellow Celica was gifted with a plastic squeaky lobster named Pinchy. When I sold the car to Mike just prior to my continental transplant I removed Pinchy and took him to my parents' house. Unbeknownst to me (but knownst to several of my friends, I'm sure), Pinchy was absconded with by some mysterious brigand, and I became aware of this when I got an email from my sea-going arseclown friend Andres… It seems that Pinchy's been doing a spot of travelling of his own, and his adventures can be seen documented at this website.

I've got to say, it looks as if he's enjoying himself.