It just occurred to me last night as I uploaded all my recent photos over a tediously slow dialup connection (grr ! Goddamn BT!) that I've been doing this website thing for a fair while now… Using my keen observational powers, I wandered into my Archive section and had a look, and yesterday was exactly one year since I threw this hastily cobbled together thing up for public view !

In the last 366 days I've posted 180 entries (this one included), which is just shy of one every 2 days. According to my site statistics I'm averaging about 20 visitors a day, which I know includes Googlebot and other search engine spiders, but there's some real hoomans in there too !

Back in the early days I tooled around with the look of the site fairly often, but as you can probably tell I've settled on the monochromatic Blues Brothers photo thing for a while, and to be fair I've had a variety of comments on how much people like the look of the site, so that's Rather Good !

I've got some additions in mind, although development kind of stalled when my laptop was out of action – some of the changes are more technical in nature, such as rewriting most of the script code to be more object-based, but this should allow me to more easily integrate other features I'm toying with, such as enabling RTF file output (i.e. being able to access all this stuff in a file format you can open in MS Word and print out to show all your relatives).

I'm also entertaining the idea of bringing in “Guest Columnists”, because Oli from work has been dying to write some stuff on the World Wide Web, and he figured he might as well start on a high-profile site like mine…

I'll be adding “categories” to my posts, as well as changing the subscription stuff a bit to make use of that, and if I get *really* motivated I might even write some kind of decent administration interface for myself to use. I know that doesn't affect anyone else, but seriously – if you guys could see the shambles that actually makes this site work, you'd puke.

Incidentally, anyone who has any suggestions on things you'd like me to add to my site (sensible suggestions, I mean), by all means send the ideas over. Clearly the most creative thing I could muster was the addition of a weather forecast…

OK, I've written enough now. Umm… Hey, What's that over there !?

2004-11-26 : 1st Nerdiversary !