OK, that's possibly a bit grandiose a title, but the point I'm trying to make is that I've spent the last couple of days taking Geraint around London – acting as a tour guide, would you believe !? I've only been here 10 weeks, and only 6 or so of them have been in London !! Go figure.

It's been pretty cool though – even visiting things I'd seen before, there was still the opportunity to see new stuff. For one, I got a photo of the really cool sculpture in Picadilly Circus that I reckon rocks. It's called “The Horses of Helios”, which are the horses that drag Apollo's Sun Chariot across the sky in Greek mythology. I think. Look, it's just a bloody nice sculpture, OK ?

We also wandered past some fairly snazzy shops, and found possibly one of the most ludicrously expensive pairs of shoes I've ever seen. Granted, this pair seems to come with a spare shoe… although it doesn't match the others.

We also saw the building which is the headquarters of the upper echelon of the Freemasons – it's a fairly long and convluted story about why we went looking for it, but sufficed to say I'd only read about it on the net, and was *quite* surprised to find that the place actually existed !

This afternoon we popped back over to Camden Town to look at all the weird stuff, and once again I'm glad I don't have any money or I'd be the proud owner of 2 more tshirts and a humungous blond afro wig. We saw a real live fight though ! Kind of exciting…

Tonight we went to the Red Rose Comedy Club and saw a couple of sensational acts – Andy Zaltzman & John Oliver, and Danny Bhoy. One of the things about going to standup gigs is that you can very rarely remember any distinct lines from the acts after you leave the venue – I find this to be true for most of the comedians I've seen, which is a fair few this year it seems. I'm not the only one who's noticed this tendency of the human brain, either. So why in the hell do they try to force all that crap into our heads at high school ? IT'S NOT GOING TO STAY IN THERE ! If it was meant to stay in there, I'd be able to tell you what the comedians said tonight ! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

It was kinda funky though to turn around and see Daniel Kitson sitting in the audience with us. I guess even comedians like going out to see comedy…

I've got to stop coming up with caption-competitionworthy photos (although the last one was Marty's really), but I still thought it was worth sharing this little gem.

Oh and incidentally Annie, you were right – those things *didn't* stay frozen all afternoon.

Oh and Ciaran, I'm going to need to rinse the pork juice out of the front pocket of your backpack. Sorry. (although maybe this represents an opportunity to make homebrew Sporkle!)

2004-07-11 : When I left I was but the learner, now *I* am the MASTER !
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