Just got back from seeing “Shrek 2” with Ciaran – we were *going* to see “Fahrenheit 9/11”, but upon arriving we discovered it was sold out.

It seems that cinemas here are just as screwed as they are back home – for starters drinks & popcorn are about the same price as a modest family car… However over here they seem to encourage the silly pastime of BOOKING TICKETS for movies !? I'm sure we have that facility at home, but nobody actually DOES it, right ? Is anybody really that sad ? Normally the moviegoing process involves turning up at the cinema and deciding what you want to see, then if there's no tickets left you swear a bit and go to something else. UNLESS you go with a group of 4 or larger, in which case The Movie Game commences – i.e. a circle is formed and then someone begins by saying “Well, what does everyone want to see ?”, and then they take it in turns saying “I don't mind” until someone offers a suggestion. The group then all go along to that, and invariably the person who made the suggestion feels guilty when the rest of the group don't enjoy it.

But yeah anyway, I digress. No wait, I didn't have a point in the first place – I was just developing the idea by digression. ANYWAY, another thing that pisses me right off is the way that cinemas employ ONE person to check your ticket rather than having a person at the cinema door. I guess it's a bit old fashioned of me to say that, but then in the Good Old Days a cinema complex had 4 screens at most ? It just means that there's nothing stopping Little Freddy buying a ticket to see “Barney's Adventures in Fluffy Mushroom Land” and then *actually* going in to the cinema showing “Nazi Anal Chainsaw Rapists Part XVIII”.

Somewhat completely unrelatedly, Marty sent me a photo of his day at work today, and I think it's gotta be TIME FOR ANOTHER CAPTION COMPETITION ! So get your Comedy Helmets on and see what you can come up with for THIS:

And here's another photo which although not as obviously full of comic potential, still has a certain amount of “in-joke” charm for the old Aesir and Unley Rover folks.

As far as the work situation goes, I seem to have plenty of work lined up now… it's just I don't know when any of it's starting! It's a little frustrating, but hopefully things will fall into place in the next day or two.

Tomorrow I'm off to Heathrow to go meet Geraint and bring him back to the flat, and I figure while I'm out & mobile I might swing by a place of interest or 2… will see what happens.

2004-07-09 : Well I went outdoors today at least..!
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