2004-07-03 : Competition time !

OK before I start, I thought this was such a lovely picture of Nick that I might run some kind of caption competition for it. So, if you can think of something for the following photo, send it in a Story Comment by clicking the link below. And don't forget to make it publicly viewable.

Now, on to business… I caught the tube the other day over to my brother's place, and being the first time I'd caught it since going away to France I was sort of looking forward to the familiarity and regular degree of 'normality' on it. Of course, in my time away I'd forgotten that there IS NO normality on the tube.

When I got on at Baker St, there was a guy sitting on the seat across who you'd have to describe as 'intellectually disadvantaged' in some way. He had with him a fairly big ghetto blaster, and was concentrating on fast forwarding his tape to the right spot. Much to everyone's dismay, he found it – it turned out to be Bryan Adams' “Everything I Do, I Do For You”. He started listening to said tune quite loudly and looked quite absorbed. When we got to Great Portland St, a guy in a suit (and he looked strikingly like Mr Bean !) got on and leant against the door. When the train started moving he looked around, alarmed, and then realised where the music was coming from and what was going on, and made a face that I could only describe as 'dismayed'.

I leant over to him and said in a hushed tone, “Come on dude, at least he's not SINGING”.

And then the guy started to sing. A heartfelt, stirring accompaniment if ever I'd heard one. He didn't quite know where to fit the bridging chorus, but after a couple of go's he got it in there.

The worst bit was that when most of us exited the carriage at Kings Cross-St Pancras we were all heading for the Northern line, and all the way along the corridor and even on the next train people found themselves humming or whistling the song. Aaaaaaargh ! A Bryan Adams commuter nightmare.

In good news, tonight Tim and I are off to the Barbican Centre to indulge in possibly the best birthday present I've had in a while – we're going to see Herbie Hancock !! It promises to be even better than Wednesday night's effort when Richie, Ciaran, Robbie (Ciaran's brother) and I went & saw Jerry Springer – The Opera.

And finally, for everyone who's in Australia, I heartily endorse and support the following event, and encourage all of you to do your best to attend and participate. If I was in the country, you can bet I'd make a concerted effort to be there! It's a Guinness World Record attempt for the Biggest Zorba Dance ever.