Before too much time elapses, thanks SOOOOOO much to everyone for all the cool birthday wishes for the other day ! I got a stack of emails, phone calls, text messages, e-cards, and I even got a real actual physical posted card !

Y'all sure know how to make a guy feel loved.

Didn't do too much to celebrate, cos the trip to France was a bit draining in the wallet department, however Richie, Ciaran and I went down the road to the local pub (the GOOD local pub that is) and had a few pints by the canal, and they bought me kangaroo for dinner. We were gonna go out for curry instead, but we sort of started walking, went into autopilot, and walked straight past the curry place and to the pub. Go figure.

Oh yeah, and last night we knocked over the bottle of Veuve-Clicquot Champagne that I grabbed at Charles deGaulle, because I decided that as I'd never tried French Champagne I'd try it for my birthday. Surprisingly, quite drinkable ! Certainly a lot nicer than some of that Brut Cuvee stuff proffered around Aussie BBQ's. Still, it's nowhere near as drinkable or cheap as Ye Olde Favourite – Coopers' Pale Ale.

2004-06-30 : Thanks a ton by the way !
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