2004-03-15 : Monday again.

Hello there…

Nothing much to report from the weekend – it's not that I didn't have a good one, it's just there was nothing particularly exciting about it.

Friday night was a sort of a 'lay on the couch to watch a movie and fall asleep in front of the teev' type affair. Can't even remember what it was I was trying to watch !? I know when Mike got home I started to try and watch Miller's Crossing – I'm sure it's an excellent film, but I just couldn't get into it !?

Saturday, after a fairly lengthy sleep-in, I battled the LaundryBeast and goofed about on the PC. Then I headed in to Uni to see a couple of Fringe shows, courtesy of Marty.

The first one was called “Parrot Fever – Lies I've told in Internet Chat Rooms”. Many people have described it as a comedy, and I'd have to say I disagree – it didn't strike me as a comedy, although there were laughs to be had, however I felt that they were more out of relief or uncomfortableness maybe ? Not an awful show, mind you… I don't know, I just get a bit fed up with Actors thrusting their chests out and looking distantly off 'past' the audience.

The other one was Sound & Fury's “Canned Hamlet”, which was very definitely in the comedic genre, no questions asked. Top shelf, in fact. I can't help but think Hamlet would have been a lot more interesting to study had I known about this interpretation. And I probably would have gotten just as many marks on my assessment too (oh good lord, I hope Mr Thomas recovered from that experience…).

Sunday morning I (finally) got the thumping great big illuminated sign out of our passageway, then went for “breakfast” with Lynn, Ryan and Gin at Mamma Carmela's. I liked it, although the poor guy working there was the victim of an evil cake nomenclature scam! It wasn't helped by the fact that neither Ryan nor I know a Dutch Apple Tea Cake from a Mocha Amaretto, and the less said about the Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, the better.

Sunday arvo was more washing, some dishes (cheers for that Tim !), a couple of beers, and the immediate and horrible realisation that the show I was going to see commenced at 8pm (which I discovered at 7:55pm).

Ever the optimist, I figured I could make it in time… and of course the laws of physics proved me wrong, yet AGAIN. I was well impressed with how I went though – only 12 minutes late, and I figured what with Fringe shows mostly being General Admission, I could just sneak in & sit at the back.


Bloody hell, the ONLY show I bought a reserved seating ticket for and I was late for it. And it was in the Front Row.

Incidentally, it's IMPOSSIBLE to make an inconspicuous entrance when you're wearing orange trousers. And don't think the comedian I'd gone to see let me forget it, either ! Honestly, he was like a pit bull – but there again, I suppose when someone wanders in dressed like I was it sort of tells the performer that they're most likely going to be able to cope with being made an idiot of.

I can't really describe the show in any detail, because there was no real form to it – it was just this guy walking about on stage dribbling bullshit, leaping from one idea to the next. It was a real journey through a stream of consciousness… punctuated with frequent trips back to hassle the bloke in the orange pants. He talked an awful lot about shagging monkeys.

After the show (and my feeble attempt to make a covert getaway), I ran into Mark & tanya and was rather happy to see them, cos it's been ages ! Snuck down to the Fringe Bar and had a couple of Beck's with them, and then meandered back to a car with a flat battery, because I was in such a damn hurry I didn't realise I'd left my lights on. THANKFULLY, Fate spared me the challenge of pushstarting a car by myself, because Mark & tanya happened by and were able to lend me the services of their battery… and all was good in the world once more.