2004-03-17 : Didn’t realise I was having that much fun, but the way time is flying it would suggest that !

Where does the time go, eh ?

OK, so I *know* where it's going lately – I'm wasting it playing Need For Speed: Underground… It's incredible! I've never gotten that interested in a car game before !? Mike and I are both hooked on it, so if you happen to drop by our place and hear a lot of car noises and a good proportion of swearing coming from the front room – particularly late at night – then there's a good chance that Need For Speed has us in its evil grasp, again.

So it appears that Steve's been given a date for departure to go work on Disney (Cruise Lines, for the uninitiated)! In theory, he's away on Monday the 29th, which gives him a fairly short run to prepare everything for his absence.

Going O/S at short notice seems to be a bit of a theme of late – my dear brother Timothy is jetsetting it off to the United Kingdom on Thursday week, after deciding to do so about a week ago. I'm sure it's all very exciting, but if I was going to go away (!!) I'd want to plan it a bit more rigorously than that.

Having said THAT, I'm off to Melbourne this weekend again, and haven't packed or organised a lift home from the airport on Monday… Shooting over to Melb is a far less serious proposition really. I suppose there's no reason why it should be; it's just another point on the Earth's surface, the same as LA or London or anywhere else. Am going over to Melbourne to catch up with Michelle and Craig, and Lynn and Ryan, and Athalie and Brett, and of course Pammy and Jason… and hopefully Laurel, if she ever returns my call. And it's all going to be brought to fruition by my awesome chum, Emma !

So yeah, if it seems like this week is a bit flat, there's no need to panic, as the weekend will rock TOTALLY.

Ah yes, one other thing – I've added another new feature to my site. It's the “About Me” section – swing by if you're at all interested, and feel free to contribute a question!