2004-02-17 : I see you shiver with an… tici……

Well well, it seems that everyone's eagerly awaiting news of how the Perth trip went, judging by the emails I've been getting !

I had an absolutely wild time – many MANY thanks again to my exceptional hostesses, Kris and Morgan. Goddamn I love you guys.

But alas, it's not time to post that stuff yet – I've got to get all the photos out of my camera and edit them, which is taking a while because it copped a fair old hammering on the weekend.

One thing I will post though – the Evil Fairy of Perth Airport caught up with me AGAIN. I didn't miss my flight this time though, which is good – it brings my average back up a bit. I did manage to completely cock up the booking, however. I don't know how it happened, but upon getting home and checking my itinerary, it could have been avoided – i.e. chalk one up for stupidity. I got to the airport to get on the flight, and they had no recored of my booking. Turns out my booking had been recorded as 5:30am the day BEFORE. So, to give me a great start to the day, it cost me an extra $270 to get home. Hooray for that.

Anyway, in the meantime there's a couple of websites y'all can look at.

1) Orkut – it's a friends networking site, run by the Google people. It's kinda interesting, and could prove to be a good way of catching up with people that have dropped off the edge of the earth.

2) Beaker's webpage – Beaker's a mate of mine who lives down in the Southeast of SA, and he's recently put this page up. It's just a personal site, but one thing that impressed the hell outta me were his photographs ! He does a fair bit of expeditioning – snow, 4wd, caving, etc. All the stuff I'd love to do but don't get the time much these days (not that I'm complaining – I'm getting to do plenty of the stuff I *do* wanna do !!).

OK, so for the time being, that is all.

No wait, it isn't.

I'm also finding it rather upsetting at how addictive Pringles are. Hot & Spicy Pringles. Bad Magic.