Okay well I'm off to Perth this weekend to catch up with the beautiful folk of WA – should be an absolute hoot. It sure has been every other time !

Whatever happens this weekend though, it'll take a fair bit to beat our attempt at a picnic on the banks of the Swan River last time I went over (just over a year ago, in fact). To cut a long story short, Nat, Morgan and I got harrassed by 2 big black swans. After making it clear that they didn't want us to sit on a particular patch of grass, we relocated about 100m down the bank. I guess you had to be there to get the full effect, however it was just incredible to see these 2 heads peering over the verge, moving stealthily towards us, and then without warning to have a swan come running at us full tilt, neck straight outstretched, and honking like a…. crazed bird ? We ended up driving up to King's Park instead – thankfully, no cranky swans up there.

So yeah, here's hoping for some fun this weekend too !

And finally, heres a photo sent to me this morning – I think there's a valuable lesson in this.

2004-02-13 : Insert title here