2004-02-06 : Snap snap…

Woo hoo! My new digital camera has arrived at last. It's a Ricoh Caplio G4, and it's dead sexy. One of the cool things about it is it has a Macro zoom function, so I can take photos like this:

Just what the world's crying out for, eh ?

I guess it'll get its first proper workout on Saturday night at Julie's 21st. Love a good formal party, although this is also a pool party. Never been to a black tie pool party before, but there you go.

Incidentally, sorry ladies – the moustache is now gone. I suppose I should have left it on for Julie's… I am here to clean zee pool!!

One of the things I've come to accept about Friday mornings is waking up with sore legs after Morris Dancing practise on Thursday nights (yes, that's right – Morris Dancing !), but last night took the biscuit ! We practised a set of 6 dances – presumably in preparation for our footup on Sunday – and as I staggered my way through the last dance, utterly exhausted, I realised that I've never done an entire set of dances before. Good grief, what a silly way to spend one's spare time.

I was a bit worried about the whole thing, because the weather forecast for Sunday is 40 degrees, however as that learned fellow Geoffrey put it : “It's never 40 degrees in a pub”.